Services Overview

Before the sale-What makes us different?
NBI is a full-time employee benefits firm. Many insurance agents who offer employee benefits are not full-time employee benefits specialists.  The result can mean limited marketing and knowledge in placing your employee benefits package.  As an employer, you know how hard it is to keep quality employees. Maintaining a comprehensive employee benefit package helps you retain those employees that are most valuable to your company.  Our firm comprises the top 50 employee benefit insurance markets and is automated in reaching them for your customized comparison proposal.  With us you don't have to sit thru four or five boring meetings with benefit advisors just to get various market quotes.  Our knowledge and expertise will bring all of them to you in one customized spreadsheet proposal!  This process clearly allows you an overhead view to make an informed, logical, and confident decision.

After the sale-What makes us different?
NBI is fully staffed with professionals to take care of you once your plan is in place.  We maintain a focused approach.  Our philosophy is to not only do what it takes to earn your business, but do what it takes to keep your business.  You can always call any direct carriers customer service department with your issues and let them try to assist you, or you can just call us! We offer our clients a full-time staffed customer service department. In certain situations, benefit advice your company heeds can mean the difference between striving or failing in business! Employee benefit laws and regulations are very complex and changing all the time.  As an employer, it is your responsibility to remain in compliance. Having NBI on your team will help keep you aware of benefit changes assisting you to stay in compliance.  That's all useful and relevant information. But it doesn't speak to some of the most important things: like the way we do our job, and the character and integrity of our people...things our clients tell us separate us from all other benefit firms.  These issues are important to us because we know they are important to our clients.  And this, we believe is one of our greatest strengths--the ability to see the world through our clients eyes and offer candid, objective advice that helps to solve their most pressing problems.
Customer Service

NBI & Associates, LLC commitment to superior Customer Service is what differentiates us from other agencies. We offer a wide variety of services for the employer and employee. It is our belief that a happy employee makes for a happier employer. Our Customer Service Administrator has many years experience working with carriers, employers and members. NBI & Associates, LLC works as an extension of your Human Resource Department to accommodate each client's needs in this ever changing workplace environment. As our client you will be able to utilize our Customer Service Department and the extensive knowledge offered.

Claims issues and resolution
At NBI we take our clients problems seriously. We do this by offering our customers a full-time staffed customer service department within our Agency. You can always take your issues directly to any insurance carrier or you can call our office for assistance. With NBI, you will never remain on eternal hold, or complain about unreturned phone calls. For your protection our staff documents your problems and they will follow-up on issues and carry them to completion.
Enrollments and terminations
Submitting new employee enrollments or terminations should be a "smooth" process for any company. At NBI, we work with your HR department to clearly define responsibilities of both offices in processing newly hired or terminated employees. Some of our clients elect to forward enrollments/ terminations direct to each particular carrier. However, many of our clients prefer NBI to check over these changes before forwarding to the carrier. If given this responsibility our trained eyes can spot and correct many errors that would have held up the enrollment or termination if forwarded directly.
Benefits CD
At NBI we know the value of having a customized resource to quickly access all of your benefit communication material. We will create a CD that includes for each carrier plan designs, enrollment, change, and claim forms. Included in your CD is the customized employee enrollment kit. As changes occur, this CD will be updated at no cost to you.
Defined Partnership Responsibilities
You are more than a client. We enter into a partnership with you and define our responsibilities with you to become an efficient part of your HR department. Our approach in this partnership is that both of us know our roles and what is expected. NBI will outline in writing what is expected from both offices and customize its customer service responsibilities so that each office runs without duplication of effort.
Billing Issues
Billing issues seem to occur with every account from time to time. They can range from new hired employees not showing up to terminated employees never being removed from the billing. NBI's expertise will assist you in correcting these issues and save you premium dollars and valuable man hours wasted chasing these issues. Why not access NBI?
Third Party Administration Services
Cafeteria Plans
Premium Only (POP)
Full Flex Plans
Medical Reimbursement
Dependant Day Care
HRA-Health Reimbursement Arrangement
MERP - Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan
COBRA Administration
Benefit Soluntions You Can Depend On

Elliot and Associates is an ''employee benefit delivery organization'' working thru NBI & Associates, LLC. This alliance has been established to provide Employers the most efficient and effective benefit package possible. Let us help you save money and still offer a more competitive benefit package.
Tax Savings for Employers and Employees
Increased Employer Cost Control
Increased Employee Benefit Choices
Benefits that attract and Retain Employees
Increased Employee Morale
Specializing in Consumer Driven Health Plans
A quality benefit package can save the employer and the employee money, attract and retain employees, and increase employee morale.
Take Control of your health benefit budget
Design plans that give your employees choices
Encourage employees with cost-saving incentives
Empower Employees with web-based tools
COBRA compliance
Are you COBRA compliant? Use the following as a self-audit:
1. Does your company have a written COBRA procedures manual?
2. Can you provide proof of Initial Rights Notices of all your covered employees and their dependents?
3. Do you maintain documentation of any past requests for COBRA coverage?
4. Is your staff trained to answer all attorney questions?
5. Does your company understand the ramifications of COBRA extensions?
6. Does your company keep up to date with changes to COBRA law?

If you've answered "no" to any one of the above audit questions, you are at risk. No matter what your answers, NBI can improve your COBRA program.
HIPAA compliance
The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is designed in part to improve the portability of health care coverage for individuals and their families when changing from one employer plan to another or from individual coverage to group coverage. This law imposes responsibilities and penalties on both employers and health care insurers. Compliance with HIPAA requires many special procedures and forms. Since virtually all employer health care plans are affected by this law, compliance initiatives are required.
401(k) Administration/Plan Design

We determine eligibility and let you know when your new hires are becoming eligible.  Participant notices provided when required.  Not having to remember when or what notices are needed. We determine highly compensated employees and key employees.  We determine what testing is required and perform the needed test annually.  Your employees go online to request distribution or loan paperwork.  Assist you with the 5500 Form if electronically filed and annual reports and forms are provided electronically for easy storage and access.  Our consultants will meet personally with you to determine what your goals and budget are for the plan so that we can design a plan that fits your organization.

Maximize savings of the owners.
Maximize benefits for employees.
Are you having issues with refunds.
We will review your plan annually to meet your goals.
Your employees go online to request distribution or loan paperwork.
Electronically file form 550.
Annual reports and forms provided electronically for easy storage and access.

Our consultants will meet personally with you to determine what your goals and budget are for the plan so that we can design a plan that fits your organization.
Want a plan that maximizes the savings of the owners? We can assist with that.
Want a plan that maximizes tax benefits for the firm? We can help.
Want a plan that maximizes benefits for employees that want to save? Definitely can do.
Having issues with refunds? We have alternatives.

Annually we review your plan design to determine if it is still meeting your goals. Your plan should grow with your firm.