Features And Benefits

Applicant Tracking
Bring your recruitment online with NBI's applicant tracking system.
Attract Applicants
Find the best recruits and provide a seamless candidate experience.  Create custom job postings, shareable links, and communicate with candidates all through the NBI HR Portal.

Manage Candidates
With resumes, emails, and multiple hiring decision makers, it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of applicants.  Use the NBI HR Portal Jobs to share candidate applications, messages, internal feedback, and hiring stages with all hiring decision makers.

Offer & Onboard
Made a new hire? Transition seamlessly from hiring to onboarding.  The NBI HR Portal has a full onboarding solution including W-4s, W-9s, I-9s, customizable forms and agreements.

Simplify the onboarding process for HR and new hires.
Save Time
Using the NBI HR Portal, employees can onboard online from any location.  Save time by getting your new hire fully onboarded before their first day.

Eliminate Paperwork
Eliminate paperwork and take onboarding online with the NBI HR Portal.  The NBI HR Portal collects employee onboarding information and automatically transfers it onto official new hire forms like the W-4, I-9 or W-9.

Track New Hires
Use the dashboard tool to track onboarding progress and turnover, and easily send reminders to new hires who need to finish the process.

Benefits Administration
Enroll, manage and access employee benefits year-round.
Expand Benefits Offerings
The NBI HR Portal makes administering ancillary options easier than ever by giving employers the ability to offer more benefits strategies and funding options.  Using a shopping cart experience, employees can easily select benefits and compare costs.

Increase Employee Understanding of Benefits
The NBI HR Portal guides employees through enrollment by embedding informational tools into the benefits election process itself.  Include video content, plan descriptions, helpful links and even messages directly from the employer.

Simplify Open Enrollment
Easily edit benefit settings and enrollment details by going online with your enrollment process.  Manage benefits elections, enable employee self-service, review pending coverages and view outstanding benefits enrollments.

PTO Tracking
Tracking time off is a breeze with everything stored online.
Streamline Requests and Approvals
Employees can request PTO directly from their accounts.  A notification will be sent to the employer for review.  If approved, the paid time off can be viewed in the employee's profile.

Employee Access
Provide employees with the tools to self-manage PTO.  Using the NBI HR Portal PTO, employees can track accrual balance, request time off and edit or cancel requests.

Customize PTO Policy
The NBI HR Portal PTO Tracking accommodates a variety of paid time off policies.  Find the perfect PTO fit by customizing PTO to the specific needs of your organization.

Time & Attendance
Accurately track employee work hours without the paperwork.
Clock In & Out
Employees can clock in and out using The NBI HR Portal's easy-to-read home page buttons.  Access all clock features and capabilities through the the NBI HR Portal smartphone app.

Adjust Timesheets
The timesheet shows the exact times your employees have clocked in and out each day, as well as a running total of all hours worked.  Need to make a change? Easily adjust timesheets and document that change with the NBI HR Portal Time and Attendance.

Track Attendance
Review employee hours and export for payroll.  Utilize dashboard tools to gain insight into the overall time and attendance performance of your organization.

Integrate with leading carrier and payroll providers.
Select carriers partner with The NBI HR Portal to issue accurate, real-time insurance bills directly through the NBI Portal.  Employers can easily generate and download carrier bills on-demand, with up-to-date benefits enrollment data, saving time, eliminating manual data entry, and reducing errors.

Carrier & Payroll Integrations
We integrate with leading insurers via EDI and API technology, as well as proprietary carrier form mapping.
Use the NBI HR Portal to integrate with leading payroll providers like ADP, Paycor and Proliant.  Create new payroll records and make changes easily.

Other Integrations
In addition to our carrier and payroll partners, The NBI HR Portal integrates with a variety of broker and employer tools to make administering benefits and HR simple.

Notices and Compliance
Streamline communication and compliance without opening your inbox.
Stay Compliant
Keep employees updated on company-wide announcements and policy changes.  Assure compliance by requiring employee e-signatures and storing them in the NBI HR Portal.

Customize Recipients
Need to send a notice to just a group of employees?  Whether your notice is company-wide or individually focused, just create a notice, select a subgroup and send.

Remind Individuals
Access employee read receipts to see if a particular notice has been opened, and send reminders to individuals and groups to complete the requested document.

1094-C / 1095-C Reporting
Increase compliance and save time.
1094-C/1095-C Reporting
The NBI HR Portal uses your organization's benefit data in order to generate 1094-C/1095-C reports.  Our system takes this data and transfers it onto the official forms so you don't have to.

File Directly with the IRS
File your 1094-C/1095-C forms using the NBI HR Portal 1094-C/1095-C services.  Because the IRS granted NBI a Transmitter Control Code, we have earned the ability to electronically file forms with the IRS.

Distribute Employee Forms
Get the right documents to the right employees at the right time.  The NBI HR Portal 1094-C/1095-C mailing services keep you compliant by ensuring that employees receive the proper documents on time.

COBRA Administration
Simplify offboarding and start the COBRA process.
Deliver Notices
The NBI HR Portal COBRA services monitor new hires and terminations.  General Rights Notices and Specific Rights Notices will be sent to employees accordingly.

COBRA Enrollment
The NBI HR Portal COBRA administration distributes COBRA welcome letters and eligibility information to employees upon enrollment and notifies employers when coverage starts and terminates.

Streamline Payments
The NBI HR Portal collects all COBRA payments from enrollees.  We process these payments and remit premiums to the employer twice every month.

iPhone App
All of what NBI offers, now at your fingertips.

Complete Onboarding Documents

View Benefit Elections

Clock In & Out

Review & Sign Notices


What People Say

NBI & ASSOCIATES has been our go to company for all of our insurance needs for a number of years now. Thru them we have not only our hospitalization insurance, but they also offer dental, vision, cancer policies, accidental policies, and life insurance for our employees. The majority of our employees have taken advantage of these. Nathan, Janey, and Becky have always helped us with any situation that has occurred. We think their customer service is great.

Jan Davis, Office Manager
Dallas, TX

We have been a client of NBI & Associates for 10 years.  Their staff has worked endless hours comparing and analyzing different health insurance options for us which in turn has saved us money over the years.  They are very knowledgeable and have always provided us with excellent service.  We are so thankful to all the staff at NBI & Associates!

Martha Ramos, Sr. Accounts Payable Specialist
Dallas, TX

I have personally worked with NBI and Associates for almost 12 years and our company has worked with them even longer.  The staff at NBI is very professional and cordial.  They are always available to offer assistance when needed and provide ample information and comparisons to determine our benefit needs.  Thank you NBI and Associates for all that you do!

Sherri Suggs,Office Manager
Dallas, TX