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How NBI distinguishes itself among Benefit Advisor Agencies

Technology is changing the way that benefits are bought, sold and managed.  Employers are concerned with the rising cost of healthcare while minimizing the cost of benefits administration and compliance.  With benefits being the largest component of labor costs outside of wages, workflow automation is critical.  Benefit Advisors are challenged to provide benefits administration technology alongside their traditional benefits offerings and therefore should offer best-in-class benefits & healthcare management solutions to their clients.

NBI & Associates helps employers automate employees' benefit selection and HR teams' benefit administration.  NBI helps retain their clients by offering world-class technology solutions which solve day-to-day HR challenges.  NBI partners with you, by educating your employees and allowing them to feel better about their benefits options and how they apply to their family.

SERVICES are "WHAT" Brokers "DO" for their clients.  RESOURCES are the "EQUITY", or WHAT Brokers "SPEND" to provide those services!  What resources are driving the services you currently receive?


Services Overview

Before the sale-What makes us different? NBI is a full-time employee benefits firm. Many insurance agents who offer employee benefits are not full-time employee benefits specialists.  The result can mean limited marketing and knowledge in placing your employee benefits package.  As an employer, you know how hard it is to keep quality employees.  Maintaining a comprehensive employee benefit package helps you retain those employees that are most valuable to your company.  Our firm comprises the top 50 employee benefit insurance markets and is automated in reaching them for your customized comparison proposal.  With us you don't have to sit thru four or five boring meetings with benefit advisors just to get various market quotes.  Our knowledge and expertise will bring all of them to you in one customized spreadsheet proposal!

What People Say

NBI & ASSOCIATES has been our go to company for all of our insurance needs for a number of years now. Thru them we have not only our hospitalization insurance, but they also offer dental, vision, cancer policies, accidental policies, and life insurance for our employees. The majority of our employees have taken advantage of these. Nathan, Janey, and Becky have always helped us with any situation that has occurred. We think their customer service is great.

Jan Davis, Office Manager
Dallas, TX

We have been a client of NBI & Associates for 10 years.  Their staff has worked endless hours comparing and analyzing different health insurance options for us which in turn has saved us money over the years.  They are very knowledgeable and have always provided us with excellent service.  We are so thankful to all the staff at NBI & Associates!

Martha Ramos, Sr. Accounts Payable Specialist
Dallas, TX

I have personally worked with NBI and Associates for almost 12 years and our company has worked with them even longer.  The staff at NBI is very professional and cordial.  They are always available to offer assistance when needed and provide ample information and comparisons to determine our benefit needs.  Thank you NBI and Associates for all that you do!

Sherri Suggs,Office Manager
Dallas, TX

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